Fit Brains flexing its muscles in Brain Gym

This week on the network, Canwest reporter Shannon Proudfoot wrote about the exploding interest in brain fitness games and Vancouver’s own Fit Brains got profiled in her article titled ‘Brain Gyms’ a new industry.

People start noticing memory slips and looking for solutions around age 40, says Michael Cole, CEO of Vancouver-based Fit Brains, which launched a series of online games in September targeting five major “brain muscles” or cognitive functions such as memory and logic.

“I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but after 25 it starts to decline,” he says.

Carol Richards started playing Fit Brains games a few months ago and got hooked on Busy Bistro, a colourful game that uses recipe and grocery shopping tasks to train players’ memories. The Vancouver resident, who is in her 50s, says her scores have improved over time, but the most obvious payoff is in the real-life grocery store.

“Typically, you go to the grocery store and you’ve got the list,” she says. “With this game, you look at a recipe and you’ll remember just by practising. You go to the grocery store and you don’t need the little recipe card.”

According to SharpBrains, a market research firm and “Brain Fitness Authority”, consumer sales in the  brain fitness game space rocketed from an estimated $5 Million in 2005 to $80 Million in 2007.

Fit Brains CEO Michaal Cole was named to our Digital Media People to Watch in BC in 2009 list earlier this week and their site worked its way up to #18 on the January 2009 Vancouver Startup Index.