Fit Brains gets Smart Investment

Vancouver-based Fit Brains announced today that they’ve secured close to $1 Million in total funding. They are backed by a number of well known Angel investors. Vivity Labs, creator of Fit Brains, is an online platform featuring fun and engaging games that exercise the five key areas of the brain.

Scientific research proves that to stay fit, our brain needs exercise just like our bodies. Fits Brains is building online games that work on all key brain functions to maximize and round-out brain skills. These interactive games will be combined with personalization tools and community features. The entire Fit Brains web experience will be the first of its kind, appealing to adults of all ages and will elevate the concept and acceptance of brain fitness to the mainstream.

Fit Brains timing couldn’t be any better. According to the New York Times, Baby Boomers are anxious about the mental cost of aging and are turning to games that rely on quick thinking to stimulate brain activity. And thanks to Nintendo, brain health awareness is at an all time high – their BrainAge game and Nintendo DS and Wii platforms are mainstream media darlings. This trend is also translating online with the booming casual games market. Websites such as Electronic Arts’ are reporting that Baby Boomers are their fasting-growing demographic and that women spend 35 percent longer on their site each day than men. The casual game market is the fastest growing segment in the entertainment industry with the average user being a 47 year-old female. I had a chance to sit down with Michael Cole, Founder & CEO of Fit Brains, last week to learn more about Fit Brains and the casual gaming space. Cole is stoked about the business opportunity and leads an experienced team that will bring enhanced game experience and high production quality to the online casual game and brain fitness market. While the full-blown versions of their games and tools will only be available on the Fit Brains site, pared down versions will be available through distribution partners. Fit Brains was #33 on our Vancouver Start-up Index for January but promised to shoot-up the ranks once their soft launch goes live next week.