FITC Toronto underway

Flash in the Can (FITC), Toronto’s massive Adobe Flash and interactive conference is well underway. Adobe gave their first keynote on Flash since the official launch of Creative Suite 5 (CS5) earlier this month.

Smooth run throughs of the newst iterations of both Photoshop and Illustrator were provided during the hour and a half presentation but Richard Galvan, Flash’s product manager and Mark Anders Flash’s lead designer are used most appropriately on what is new in Flash CS5. The most significant enhances has been the addition of a broad range of tools and utilities specifically for mobile development.

Be it the inclusion of virtual devices such as Google’s Nexus One or new multi-touch specific code, Flash has shaped up to be the ultimate mobile development suite. Adobe explains that Flash is perfect for developing for web apps and Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) is perfect for standalone apps.

Richard & Mark explained that Adobe and Google are really warming up to each other. Google’s Android operating system is perfectly compatible with Flash and the newest Android version- 2.1- works very well with Flash’s new multitouch capabilities. During Adobe’s entire presentation, Apple or the iPhone was not mentioned once, which was very telling of the current stand-off between the two companies.

Another interesting Flash-based addition to CS5 pertains to Adobe InDesign. While CS4 allowed for buttons and page turning effects, CS5 kicks it up to the next level by including everything required to author a complete interactive, animated and rich media digital magazine. It’s to bad that anything designed on the platform will be unable to run on the iPad.