Five Canadian Crowdfunding Campaigns Worth Watching



It’s that time of the week when we look at what creative ideas Canadians are raising money to support.

Check out these Canadian crowdfunding picks-of-the-week:


Briarpatch Magazine

The award-winning Regina-based publication is in need of funds to continue its independent reporting. Up to now, the paid contributors have been mostly compensated from the magazine’s print subscribers. Now they are seeking help from online readers. Most of the public funding the government to Briarpatch has disappeared over the years.

The Burger Master

If one of your priorities is making your own burger patties, the Burger Master is a pretty convenient addition to your meat repertoire. Unlike most existing single patty burger presses, the Master makes eight burgers at a time. Other benefits include: keeping your hands beef-free, protecting the meat from freezer burn, and easy transportation, all with the same product.


Avid gamers rejoice – at least those who want 3D printed models of their favourite in-game characters. It’s aimed at those who have potentially spent a lot of time and in-app purchase money customizing their on screen representations. With just a screenshot of the digital persona, the Surrey startup will create a 3D model and print the complete figurine.


Attempting to recreate how education is pursued, Obtainn is an online platform that customizes learner experiences. Based on factors like learning style, the concept also applies a social aspect to how it guides the user. The creator compares the site to a “librarian for the digital age”, and promises beta testing inclusion for higher pledges.

Everyday Watch

If you’ve ever felt your fashion possibilities are limited by your watch, this crowdfunding campaign has a solution for you. With two face designs and five easy on and off band styles, there are a total of 10 possible combinations to choose from. Get a multitude of timepieces for the price of one.