Five Minutes With Calgary’s Minigroup

Startup Calgary is hosting Launch Party 2011 on December 1, 2011, giving nine Calgary companies the opportunity to showcase their products to VCs, angel investors, and A100 members. Three companies will be selected for a two-minute pitch competition on the main stage, pitching their products to 250 members of the Calgary tech community. See the full list of startups here.

Minigroup is a project management platform which offers ultra lightweight collaboration and productivity solutions for project teams, companies, and organizations.

The key to a successful startup is to offer a solution to a well-defined problem. What problem does Minigroup address?

The world is changing the way we work. With the rise of the social enterprise and the democratization of work, people are taking more and more control over their own success. This new way of working means that stodgy, software platforms built for enterprise won’t cut it anymore. This new way of working means we need tools that are easily accessible to anyone from anywhere. They need to be clutter free and non-intrusive so they stay out of the way of creativity and inspiration. They also need to be agile and dynamic. You don’t need tools that work for you, you need tools that work with you.

How did you conceive Minigroup?

Several members of the Minigroup team come from another Calgary success story, Veer, which was sold to Corbis, a Bill Gates owned company. The idea came out of the need to help people find more efficiency in the groups that they work in and improve the overall communications and collaborations. The team of nine includes seasoned developers, designers, UI, and marketing experts.

What is your biggest stumbling block as a startup? What steps have you taken to overcome this challenge?

Given that we have a large team with many previously successful individuals it is often difficult to find focus and stick to a direction. We’re working to solve this through defined business planning and strategic thinking.

How has Minigroup arranged its financing? Are you actively seeking investors?

Minigroup is partially angel funded. We may consider looking for investment at a later stage.

What’s the most exciting thing happening in the tech ecosystem in Calgary right now?

The most exciting thing in tech startups in Calgary are the number of new startups entering the space. Calgary has a great talent pool and a lot of really smart and innovative people.

Entrepreneurs – what do you find frustrating about managing projects? Would a platform like Minigroup alleviate those issues? Sound off in the comments!