Five Seattle startups Google could buy

Interesting crystal ball gazing post on TechFlash today. John Cook named five potential Google acquistions from the Seattle tech space and assigned them his odds.

Google Chief Executive Eric Schmidt made some news this week when he told Japan’s Nikkei that the search titan has “begun seriously looking into acquisitions again.” That should get the attention of venture capitalists and entrepreneurs, since M&A activity has slowed considerably this year.

So who might Google buy? I’ve not heard of any specific deals in Seattle, but with large engineering offices here it wouldn’t surprise me if the company is at least sniffing around. Anyway, here are five possible candidates that came to mind.

So who made the local list and what does Cook think the chances are:

  • Skytap – odds 3-1
  • AdReady – odds 10-1
  • Picnik – odds 15-1
  • Gist – odds 25-1
  • Zillow – odds 30-1

Check out Cook’s logic here.