Five surprising statistics that will have you tying your mobile device around your wrist

Are we really this forgetful?

Citing survey results published in The Province earlier this week, here are some ridiculous stats that may tighten that grip you have on your Blackberry:

  1. Business travellers lose 12,000 laptops per week in North American airports. Per week, people. That’s almost 2,000 per day!
  2. 63% of small to medium businesses have lost devices within the past year. I guess this may be translated as “almost two-thirds of small to medium businesses have incompetent employees.” Except then that number would seem way too low.
  3. 58% have lost confidential data in the past year. Meh, Zucky would approve—openness is in, right?
  4. 100% have devices that can’t have their data remotely wiped. Hmm… I’m sensing an untapped market here. Money to be made?
  5. And this may wrap it up: 42% of data breaches in North America occur due to lost or stolen data-carrying devices. Another untapped market? I have a wrist lanyard for my digital camera—perhaps my smartphone needs one as well.