Five Things That Make Canada a Great Place to Launch Startups

We know Canada is a great place to launch a startup. But do we know why?

Andrew D’Souza, chief revenue officer at Top Hat Monocle, has at least five answers to that question. He recently wrote on Mashable why he believes Canada is a great place to found your next company.

According to Andrew, Canadian universities “consistently graduate some of the world’s top technical talent” with less intense hiring competition than in Silicon Valley. He also notes that high-profile US investors are increasingly placing big bets on Canadian companies as they broaden their horizons beyond the Valley. Further, he points out that our nation has tremendous support from the government through research and development investments to favourable tax treatments.

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However, not everyone agrees with Andrew’s views. For example, critical comments on Mashable argued that the Valley regularly plucks our best student talent upon graduation because US counterparts can offer up to 50% higher salaries.

Meanwhile, others echo Andrew’s opinion. Here’s one Silicon Valley veteran who believes Canada is the perfect place for budding entrepreneurs to grow up.