Five Tips to Get Your Pitch on Dragons’ Den

We can’t advise anyone to go on the hit-TV show Dragons’ Den to if their intention is to secure a reliable investment from a dragon—due diligence is apt to dash that dream.

But that doesn’t mean the Den isn’t a great place to ignite your startup. In fact, it’s an amazing opportunity: huge national exposure, meeting in person some of Canada’s biggest investors and entrepreneurs, extremely good pitch practice, and—even if all else falls short—an awesome conversation piece for future networking.

However, appearing on Dragons’ Den isn’t easy. Everyone wants to do it. So you have to be among the best. The folks at Profit compiled five quick tips on maximizing your chances. Here’s what Profit suggests:

1. Go easy on the gimmicks.

2. Do your homework.

3. Have a good background story.

4. Prove that you really need the help.

5. Keep your cool.

Check out the detailed breakdown of these five tips in Profit.

Auditions for the eighth season of Dragons’ Den take place in in Vancouver and Toronto on March 2.