Five Ways Executives in Residence Help Grow Your Business

As a startup founder, you know that life as an entrepreneur can be challenging, fulfilling and stressful. As an Executive in Residence (EIR), I’m here to support your businesses development and increase your odds of success.

Depending on your needs, EIRs play the role of advisor, mentor, connector and even coach; and while the work we do takes on many forms, there are five primary ways we help you startup and grow your business:

1. Valuable Insights from Decades of Experience

Access to an EIR gives you a prime opportunity to learn from other entrepreneurs’ mistakes. While trying and failing is often part of the entrepreneurial experience, EIRs can provide valuable insights to refine your journey derived from our many years of running businesses.

2. Unique and Refreshing Perspective

EIRs provide you with a fresh perspective. Yes, you might be building the next big thing, but in the exciting world of startups, it can be easy to find yourself in a bubble. It’s important to have an unbiased perspective from someone whose only goal is to see you succeed.

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3. Skill Development and Personal Growth

We offer one-on-one support to cultivate your growth. The transition from founder to successful business manager requires personal growth and new skills; through individualized advising and training, we’ll help you with both, ensuring you have the necessary skills to flourish.

4. Access to Network and Industry Leaders

Seasoned executives have key connections in the industry. When growing your business, knowing or having access to the right people can make or break your trajectory. You can benefit from the fact that EIRs have relationships with top tier industry contacts that can help you succeed.

5. Mentorship and Support

Never underestimate the positive impact a mentor can have on your odds of achieving success. Through the inevitable challenges that a startup will face, multiple EIRs can serve as a mini board of directors, offering guidance, encouragement and astute advice.

Ultimately, an EIR will put as much passion into your business as they would their own. We know that building a startup takes a lot of hard work, time, commitment and a focused plan—and we’re here to help you realize your goals.

EIR Office Hours at GROW Conference

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