Flex your muscles at Fit Brains

Vancouver’s Vivity Labs announced today the official launch of its brain fitness platform – Fit Brains. Fit Brains hosts a variety of fun, casual games developed by brain health experts, proven to improve brain function while targeting the five major cognitive brain functions – memory, concentration, language, executive functions (logic and reasoning), and visual-spatial skills.

Fit Brains is designed by award-winning Neuroscientist Dr. Paul Nussbaum and supported by a board of scientific advisors. The team behind Fit Brains has identified the tools necessary to engage and motivate users of all ages, providing individual workouts that can be played alone or against friends and family with leader boards for players in need of a competitive edge.

There are currently 9 different games and players can choose to engage in Free Play, Recommended Play or Brain Circuits (3, 7 and 30 days). Users’ game performance is integrated into their user profile which allows them to track progress over time in each of the brain function categories using the site’s Brain Charts. A community leaderboard will allow users to earn trophies and rewards for in-game activities. Fit Brains secured $1 Million in funding from a number of well known Angel investors in February 2008.