Demand for Coworking Space on the Rise in Vancouver, Regus Says

In Vancouver there is “massive demand” for flexible workspaces and coworking options, according to workspace provider Regus.

The company, which is expanding its presence in the city and surrounding areas to meet said demand, reports that 76% of Canadians say they have seen a rise in the remote working and 48% of global professionals are now working outside the main office at least some of the time.

“[Our new workspaces] are a testament to our focus on helping to mobilize the future of work and the way people are doing business today,” said Wayne Berger, VP of Regus Canada. “We are focused on growing in the most prestigious and prime locations so people can work how they want and when they want while reducing the cost of traditional office spaces.”

Company size and industry plays a major role in whether Canadian employees have the opportunity to work remotely and flexibly. Regus found small businesses with up to 49 employees are the most likely to have remote workers at 81% noticing an increase in the past five years; mid-sized companies are less likely to work outside of the office at 73%; and companies with 250 or more employees are least likely at 69%.

“As more forward-thinking companies adapt to a new way of working, the remote worker is becoming much more popular when compared to the workforce five years ago,” said Berger. “We are seeing more and more companies allowing their employees to work flexibly, however there’s still the challenge of finding the right place to work flexibly.”

Regus says it is now located in all suburban markets in Vancouver. The latest Regus centre is part of a network of 65 centres coast-to-coast in Canada. In total Regus operates 2,000 business centres in 104 countries around the world.