Effects of Canadian Dollar Sagging Show in FlightHub Top Destination List

Canadian travellers are avoiding international destinations this Holiday, if FlightHub’s numbers are to be believed.

A Canadian online travel agency, FlightHub reviews their holiday numbers every year to see where destinations ranked.

While last year the FlightHub list included more international destinations, this year’s list features more Canadian cities than usual, with three Canadian cities making the top ten. It is believed that this trend can be attributed to the sagging Canadian dollar, making it less frugal to travel south of the border.

Likewise, European destinations could be effected by the ongoing migrant issue and the safety situation in major European centres. This has bred something of a perfect storm for the Canadian travel industry.

Dropping off the FlightHub top ten list were Delhi, India and Phoenix, Arizona. These two being knocked out are particularly interesting for their own reasons.

Firstly, India has one of the fastest growing tourism industries in the world. Thanks to its rapidly growing economy, India has proven to be one of the most exciting countries to watch from a tourism standpoint over the next decade. Likewise, Phoenix, Arizona is a big favourite amongst the Canadian snowbird crowd, with many Canadians taking up a semi-permanent residence over the Winter months in the Grand Canyon state. The fact this number is decreasing means travellers may be choosing other snowbird destinations like Orlando, Florida, which placed at the very top of the FlightHub list due to its many attractions and proximity to many popular destinations in Florida.

Jumping onto the list were Vancouver, British Columbia and Calgary, Alberta. Vancouver succeeding as a top Canadian Winter destination on the FlightHub list comes as no surprise.

As one of Canada’s most temperate regions, Southern British Columbia offers a partial escape from the gruelling Winter weather that engulfs much of the rest of Canada. On the other hand, Calgary, Alberta is in close proximity to one of Canada’s most beautiful parks, Banff National Park. Located West of Calgary on the slopes of the Rocky Mountains, Banff National Park offers unrivalled outdoor experiences and stunning views.

The only other Canadian city on the list comes as no surprise, as Toronto maintained its high ranking on FlightHub’s annual list. The top three were Orlando, Manilla, and Toronto.

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