Flipping the Script: Developer of Joustin’ Beaver Mobile App Turns Around and Sues Justin Bieber

Last week, we reported that Justin Bieber served an app developer with a cease and desist order. The developer, RC3, was caught selling a mobile game called Joustin’ Beaver, an arguably defaming parody of the Canadian pop virtuoso.

With a name like Justin Bieber, you know the lawyers are going to be good. So most expected RC3 to pull the app immediately. They didn’t. Still, many anticipated that the developer would, after some thoughtful consideration, back down to avoid a lawsuit. They didn’t do that, either.

Instead, they flipped the script on Biebs: RC3 is now suing Justin. After turning down negotiation offers from Justin’s lawyers, the developer has stated that it has First Amendment rights to offer parody without misrepresentation and humour without misappropriation—something relatively new to video games—and that it will fight to the death to keep Joustin’ Beaver alive.

Probably not worth it, considering the app isn’t likely raking in much dough to justify the extensive legal costs. But it appears that RC3 really dislikes Justin Bieber. Watch out, we say—if the lawyers don’t kill you, the screaming army of fan girls likely will.