Canadian Startup FlyerFlo is a Deal Hunter’s Paperless Best Friend

Meet FlyerFlo, the paperless friend to deal hunters everywhere. Created by three Systems Engineers from the University of Waterloo (Clayton Tso, Joannes Chan and Mark Hopson), FlyerFlo is also one of the lucky six startups chosen to accelerate with JOLT at MaRS.

We had a chat with Clayton, co-founder at FlyerFlo, and he told Techvibes all about how deal hunting and price matching as a hobby for the three friends turned into a seriously viable business idea. 

“Today, we live in an age where we’re almost conditioned to have ADD, and I expect everything to be available at my finger tips,” says Clayton about the conveniences technological innovation has afforded. “And with flyers, that wasn’t the case—it’s just a very bad overall user experience—so that was key to the genesis of FlyerFlo.”

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Along with a big focus on the user experience, FlyerFlo also truly believes in mobile and was the first of its kind to launch in the iOS store since August of last year. Having since reached 30K installs with an impressive retention rate of 62% after 2 months, FlyerFlo’s returning user base trounces tech giants Pinterest and Twitter—which rates sit at 48% and 18% respectively. FlyerFlo users keep on returning because of the utility, which extends to both users and retailers.  



“It’s obviously great for the retailers because it allows them to learn more about their customer segments and how to target them better,” explains Clayton. “But it’s good for the users as well because it’s a platform that lets retailers send you relevant flyers.”

Another advantage for retailers partnering with FlyerFlo is that they’ll be able to gain additional insight on their competitors. Instead of only having access to data pulled from personal websites and other marketing channels, FlyerFlo’s ability to track consumer activity from across entire sectors such as electronics, home improvement and apparel, allow brands to accurately pit themselves against the competition. This in turn, lets brands understand more about what their target user really wants. 

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In addition, the FlyerFlo platform gives advertisers the opportunity to track individual preferences for specific brands. By pulling data that encompasses more than just geographical parameters, advertisers will be able to send out more targeted ads as per individual—instead of assuming that one postal code has the same shopping habits. “With a platform like FlyerFlo, you don’t have to proxy household income or marital status based on geography,” elaborates Clayton, “you can just go straight to the people.”

For current FlyerFlo users, exciting new features for iOS are just around the bend and will allow for a more personalized, Flipboard-esque experience. And for Android fans? Hang tight, FlyerFlo will be up on the Play Store in the coming weeks.