#FollowFriday: Four Podcamp Toronto speakers we’re following – and why you should follow them too

This week for our Follow Friday Four feature, we’ve decided to take a look at four people who are involved in this coming weekend’s Podcamp Toronto 2011 event. What’s Podcamp Toronto?

PodCamp Toronto 2011 is Canada’s largest gathering of members of the new media community. We’ve been having PodCamps in Toronto since 2007. Last year 900 people from Toronto’s new media community attended during our two-day unconference. We welcome a diverse group of participants who are amateur and professional content creators and communicators. This includes folks from all kinds of different areas of new media – writers, producers, photographers, designers, podcasters, developers and bloggers. 

This week we look at Saleem Khan, Maggie Fox, Mark Evans, and David Ciccarelli.

1. Saleem Khan | @SaleemKhan

Podcamp involvement: Speaker of sessions “How to talk to journalists” and “Street Cred: Professionalism, standards and ethics.”

Why you should follow him: Saleem is a professional journalist who blends experience in traditional media (CBC, Torstar) with cutting edge initiatives (he is the founder of Innovate News). Saleem knows news.

2. Maggie Fox | @MaggieFox

Podcamp involvement: Maggie is the founder and CEO of Social Media Group, which is the Platinum Sponsor of Podcamp Toronto.

Why you should follow her: Maggie is a true social media guru, a pioneer in the space and an innovator who has established real influence in the field. Who better to keep tabs on if you’re looking to make the most of social media?

3. Mark Evans | @MarkEvans

Podcamp involvement: Speaker of session “The Art and Science of Core Messaging.”

Why you should follow him: A digital marketing and social media strategist, Mark is always ahead of the game when it comes to the digital space. Communication is more difficult than ever in a world swamped by so many channels and voices, but Mark knows how to articulate your message.

4. David Ciccarelli | @DavidCiccarelli

Podcamp involvement: Speaker of session “10,000 Facebook Fans: How Voices.com Did It and You Can Too!”

Why you should follow him: David is the CEO of Voices.com. A creative entrepreneur, he regularly tweets tips and interesting links for other techies.

There are lots of other people involved in Podcamp Toronto 2011 that we haven’t mentioned. Who do you think is worth a Friday Follow?