Fonolo named to Time Magazines Top 50 websites

Toronto’s Fonolo, the “deep dialing” company that maps corporate Interative Voice Response (IVR) directories for faster response, has been named one of Time Magazines Top 50 websites of 2009.

“Press one for English.” Here’s a better idea: use Fonolo. It makes the call to that large, impersonal corporation, presses the right buttons and stays on hold for you until a human comes on the line. Then your phone rings and voilà, you can talk to a live person about your account. Fonolo even gives you the option to record your conversation as an MP3, just in case your chat with customer support becomes an argument. Is this for real? Totally! How does it know what you want it to accomplish? Fonolo shows you a visual map of the phone trees of various big companies and allows you to pick your point of entry. A computer does the rest.

Time Magazine said it chose the company for making calling corporations with customer service complaints easier by dialing back once a live representative has been reached, as well as the option to record conversations with customer service reps for records. Fonolo recently started offering its technology for use by enterprises that want to streamline their IVR system for better customer service.