Fonolo navigates past phone menus

Fonolo, a Toronto-based startup in the web telephony space, is aiming to make it easier to deal with large companies over the phone. Shai Berger addressed an iPhone-centric session at the Pacific Northwest Wireless Summit at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Vancouver. Fonolo’s main concept is “deep dialing”, which skips past the often irritating menus on corporate networks and navigate a phone menu visually, skipping to exactly what you need. Fonolo is also a call tracker, using “intelligent tracking” to trace what calls you made with your phone. Essentially, the app brings the menus of the last century into this one, Berger said.

Fonolo works by “spidering” different phone menus, mapping out the menus and crafting them into web and mobile based menus that you can then access much more easily. An iphone app and other mobile apps are expected soon, and the company hopes to monetize by also offering premium services.

Berger also teased the audience with future plans for getting rid of “hold”, and moving power from operators in corporations to consumers.