For Sale: Canon Camera That Was Lost in the Ocean for Over a Year

Now this is a tech toy with a story to tell.

A man by the name of Markus Thompson was diving in the waters of Deep Bay, which is on the east coast of Vancouver Island in BC, on a job for the Deep Bay Harbour Authority recently. At the end of a wharf, he found a most unexpected item underwater—a Canon EOS 1000D camera.

Curious, Markus removed the SD card, cleaned it, inserted it into a card reader and discovered it was last dated August 2010, meaning it was more than likely underwater for over a year. Even crazier, though, was that it still worked.

Inside the SD card was about 50 photos of a family vacation. Now, to the people who lost this camera, the photographic memories of the event were probably considered long lost—and the camera, too, of course. But Markus posted his finding on Google+, along with some clues about the camera’s owner: “a fire fighter from British Columbia that won the Pacific Regional Firefit competition in 2010, has a lovely wife, and (now) 2 year old daughter.”

And guess what? That worked too.

Update: The owner of the camera has been located thanks to brilliant help from the google+ [sic] community! Alex Johnson tracked down the camera owner with some online detective work and a phone call to the kamloops fire rescue (see comments below). Thanks to everyone who responded – proof that the google+ hive-mind can be utilized in force to complete a simple gesture like returning someones photos[.]