Ford’s Canadian connection to Social Media

Over the weekend on Mashable, Mark Ghuneim of technology incubator Wiredset and social media tracking service Trendrr guestblogged about Why Ford is Winning on the Social Web. While it’s no secret that American car companies are in trouble these days, Ghuneim notes that the extra attention offers a unique opportunity for auto brands to reposition in the market. And Ford is capitalizing.

Of all three car companies, Scott Monty (Head of Social Media for Ford) is working hard to give Ford a social media personality. Whereas GM and Chrysler are following a more traditional brand voice, Mr. Monty is proving that on Twitter, personal interaction trumps stale brand interactions. Notice Scott has volumes more followers and is more active at updating and following back, whereas Chrysler for instance is only listening to a small fraction of their followers. There is a halo effect of having four times more followers which results in getting more media coverage, so the story of Ford and social media is jumping to print and TV platforms which is driving further reach and growth back on Twitter and social networks in an awareness loop.

Great Canadian connection in this feel-good social media story. Toronto’s Social Media Group, headed by Maggie Fox, has been heavily involved in Ford’s social media initiatives to date including Digital Snippets – an online newsroom hosting Ford’s social media press releases.