Ford’s Hands-Free Liftgate Uses Videogame-Like Sensors to Open Your Trunk

Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Kinect may have been the first consoles to really popularize motion-based applications for consumers in North America but in the early stages of 2012 we’re seeing more companies integrate motion-based features into their products like the Ford Escape 2013 at this year’s Canadian International Auto Show

Check out the video below where it detects your kicking motion to open up your trunk hands-free just like in video games—great for when it’s freezing cold out and you’re carrying too many things!

The technology is called “hands-free liftgate” and uses two sensors: one detects the shin and the other detects the leg in motion. Then the kicking motion also closes the trunk.

It’s cool how sensor technology is now being used for more everyday consumer purposes. And you’ll see more examples on Techvibes as time goes on.