Ford’s new MyKey system promotes safe driving

fordWith all the recent problems happening at Toyota, it seems that the domestic car makers can do no wrong.  Case in point: Ford Motor Company. 

Ford Motor Company has introduced an innovative new technology – called MyKeyMyKey is designed to help parents encourage their teenagers to drive safer, use less gas and even wear seatbelts.

The special MyKey program allows the owner to limit the vehicle’s top speed as well as the volume of the audio system. The program (via a series of beeps) also encourages safety belt usage, provides earlier low-fuel warnings and can be programmed to sound chimes at 75, 90 and 105 km per hour.

Susan Cischke is the Ford group vice president of Sustainability, Environment and Safety Engineering:

Ford not only offers industry-leading crash protection and crash avoidance systems, we also are committed to developing new technologies such as MyKey that encourage safer driving behavior. MyKey can help promote safer driving, particularly among teens, by encouraging seat belt use, limiting speed and reducing distractions.

For more information check out the Ford website.