Former Apple CEO John Sculley Was Preparing to Bid on BlackBerry

We’re quickly learning that quite a few parties were genuinely interested in BlackBerry before it abandoned its sales process on Monday.

Yesterday we found out that Lenovo was actively pursuing the company before the federal government intervened with national security concerns. Now we’re hearing that John Sculley, the former chief executive officer of Apple, is claiming he and a consortium of investors were preparing a bid for BlackBerry.

“We were pretty confident that we had the funds to be able to do the deal, but we didn’t think Prem Watsa from Fairfax was going to be able get his deal fully funded,”  Sculley, now chairman of Pivot Technology Solutions, said today on Bloomberg Surveillance. “So we decided to wait and see what happened because we thought the price might drop or there may be other bidders coming in.”

Sculley added that he was “surprised” when BlackBerry pulled back and decided not to sell. Had he been able to bid, a deal would have been just as viable as the one with Fairfax (which ultimately fell through during due diligence), as Sculley noted he had a positive relationship with the Canadian government with regards to a BlackBerry acquisition—something Beijing-based Lenovo sorely lacked.