Former Telecom Exec facing drug-smuggling charges

Every news outlet in Vancouver reported yesterday that two BC entrepreneurs are facing drug-smuggling charges after US authorities found them hiding in the woods of a Washington park on with marijuana-stuffed backpacks stashed nearby.

One of them, Christopher Neary, is the former Director of Marketing Communications for TELUS and was responsible for managing a $30+ Million dollar budget to lead TELUS’ consumer marketing strategy, branding, and guide Ad Agency performance.

Neary now owns Vancouver advertising agency FRANK.

Neary was arrested by US customs agents on April 26th in the woods after authorities found four backpacks containing 111 heat-sealed plastic bags of marijuana totalling nearly 61 kilograms.

Neary’s most recent activity on his Twittter account was on April 23rd.

Friends and family, who have provided letters of support to U.S. authorities, describe the drug involvement as totally out of character for Neary. One of the letters of support was from Neary’s girlfriend, Fitness TV show host Nadeen Boman.