ForTwoPlease aims to make Vancouver the world’s most romantic city (au revoir, Paris!)

ForTwoPlease is a new Vancouver startup. It’s a daily deals company with a romantic twist.

The recently launched bootstrapped website has the goal of transforming Vancouver into the “World’st Most Romantic City,” a title currently held by heavyweight Paris. It plans to do this by becoming “the Lonely Planet for local date spots,” offering Vancouverites great deals on exclusive date packages.

“We’re really excited to showcase the best Vancouver has to offer couples,” says Alexandra Skey, VP Marketing, on their launch date.

The company also tries to differentiate from the crowd by focusing on experiences rather than products. provides couples with great date experiences and they do it without using 50-90% discounts, unlike Groupon, Living Social and the 530 other Daily Deals Sites.

Instead of discounting a hotel, ForTwoPlease creates a great romantic getaway. For example, couples may find sparkling wine and chocolates in their hotel room upon arrival.

ForTwoPlease might also hold a record—the startup has a whopping seven founders, including four full-timers. When the honeymoon phase is over, will this group of entrepreneurs still feel the love?