Fotolia hiring fast in Calgary

Patrick Lor has been busy since joining Fotolia. Within two weeks, he was front and centre when Fotolia launched PhotoXpress – a marketplace for microstock photography and video – and now be’s busy hiring talent in his hometown Calgary.

Fotolia is a small, highly-talented, strike-force-like team on the edge of conquering the stock photography world! We need to add to this aggressive group of individuals, does this sound like you so far? Have you managed to avoid O&G? Do you know who Guy Kawasaki, Michael Arrington, Larry & Sergei, and Evan & Biz are? Do you actually know the difference between SEO & SEM? If you can answer YES, then read on. If you don’t have a favourite blogger… stop reading.

Fotolia is currently looking for a UX/UI Designer and Senior Marketing Manager in Cowtown. Head over to tech recruiter Techbent if you’re interested in applying.