FounderFuel Embarking on Cross-Canada Road Trip to Drink Beer with Entrepreneurs

Once again, Canadian startup accelerator FounderFuel is hitting the road in search of their next great cohort of startups. Like their Fall 2012 recruiting drive, they’ll be targeting five cities, giving teams a chance to meet the managers, mentors, and alumni behind the program.

General Manager Ian Jeffrey said that while he will give a “formal presentation,” the reasoning behind the roadshow is to learn about who the teams are as people.

“We really like these events and I think it’s a great opportunity whether they’re convinced about FounderFuel or not,” says Jeffrey. “I think something like a roadshow makes sense because we get to spend some time with the teams for a couple of hours, hangout and have a couple beers.”

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The beer part may be the calm before the storm though. Jeffrey emphasizes that this is also a chance to explain that the program will be extremely challenging at times. “They’re going to hate us at times and they’re going to love us at other times,” he added.



With the emergence of other high-profile accelerators, especially in Toronto, FounderFuel may have some competition. Extreme Startups is currently seeking their own 2013 cohort, Jolt Startups just closed their application round for their Winter 2013 cohort while Ben Zlotnick’s InCubes recently announced their third batch of startups. Even Ottawa is now home to Canada’s first ever China-focused startup accelerator.

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Jeffrey encourages teams to apply to every Canadian accelerator. It’s like applying to university at this time of the year, where teams can decide what program suits their individual needs the most. This doesn’t mean Jeffrey isn’t confident that FounderFuel is the best of the pack though.

“We always step it up with every cohort, we’re getting better at what we do, we know what to expect and we’re also the only program that’s graduated 28 companies,” he said.

They’ll be visiting Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec City and Waterloo along with teams and mentors from their first three cohorts and hosting intimate meetups where you can learn more about the program. Here’s the schedule for the roadshow:

  • January 21: Montreal (Notman House)
  • January 22: Halifax (Karma Gaming)
  • January 23: Ottawa (Shopify)
  • January 24: Waterloo (VeloCity)
  • January 28: Quebec City (
  • January 30: Toronto (Jet Cooper)