FounderFuel’s Vuru launches new Stock Market Research Tool

Montreal’s Vuru announced officially their launch today.

The FounderFuel portfolio company has simplified stock market research by making sense of financial reports for the growing number of younger, self-directed investors.

“Today, we’ve made it easier for self-directed investors to leverage complex financial statements by distilling them into clear, transparent analysis that show investors the fundamentals that matter,” said Yoseph West, CEO and Co-Founder of Vuru. “Users find our stock analysis simpler and more efficient with its clean and easy-to-use interface.”

Vuru is different because it empowers this emerging group of younger, self-directed investors to properly understand the financials and intrinsic value of a company before they invest. With Vuru’s stock analysis, these investors can be confident in their investment choices amidst the volatility of the stock market.

Earlier this month Vuru co-founder and CMO Richard Gong penned a guest post on Techvibes titled Four Canadian Tech Stocks Worth A Second Look.