Founders & Funders in Vancouver

Vancouver Tech Evangelist Boris Mann of BootupLabs announced last week that Founders & Funders is coming to the West Coast on June 17th. Mann attended the inaugural Founders & Funders dinner in Toronto in January and has been working hard with East Coast organizer David Crow to take it left.

Founders & Funders is a private, invite only social event. Founders & Funders is dedicated: to helping Canadian entrepreneurs to meet each other; meet potential funders: Angel, VC or other money sources; to have fun; and see how we can help each other create the next Tech success story.

The Vancouver event is limited to 100 seats. The event costs $100 which includes drinks and dinner. Since Founders & Funders is a private networking event, the audience will be pre-screened and selected to ensure a quality group of attendees and an awesome networking opportunity. If you would like to attend the dinner, please fill out this form.

Techvibes will be sponsoring Founders & Funders along with Bootup Labs and Microsoft Canada but they’re looking for additional sponsors. If you’re interested, contact Boris Mann.