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We’re seeking people with stories to tell—entrepreneurs, investors, and experts with insight into Canada’s startup scene—who want to share their experiences with a diverse and engaged audience. Guest writers reach thousands of readers across Canada, including prominent entrepreneurs and salient investors. It’s a great way to raise one’s profile and make valuable new connections.

Below are some examples of some of our most popular guest articles.

The State of Venture Capital in Canada: An Entrepreneur’s Perspective

  • Andrew D’Souza, Chief Operating Officer, Top Hat Monocle, Toronto

Why Startups Should Choose Canada Over Silicon Valley

  • David Quail, cofounder, Zenlike, Edmonton

Why I Haven’t Hired a Single Developer in Canada

  • Mario Zelaya, Founder and Global Managing Director of Majestic Media

Why Stealth Mode Will Kill Your Startup

  • Adrian Crook, Founder of AC+A and CEO of PlayRank

Being Canadian Might Just be the Best Way to Break into Silicon Valley

  • Boris Wertz, Version One Ventures, Vancouver

The Biggest Challenge of Being a Startup Founder

  • Evgeny Tchebotarev, Co-founder and COO, 500px, Toronto

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