Foundry Group gets the Gist to the tune of $6.75 Million

Gist‘s T.A. McCann blogged this morning that his Seattle-based startup has secured $6.75 Million in Series A funding led by the Foundry Group with participation by its founding investor Vulcan Capital.  With this round of founding, it was also announced that Brad Feld will be joining the Gist board.

The hard work we did to conceptualize and launch Gist at Vulcan is really paying off as we continue to be amazed at the strong interest from users and smart investors.  There is definitely consensus from all sides that email is in desperate need of revolutionary innovation and that we can unlock some serious value by “connecting the inbox to the web”.

Vulcan and Foundry certainly represent “smart money”.  The team at Foundry has outlined key investment themes including – email and the implicit web which apply directly to Gist.  Add in the knowledge surrounding the semantic web from Paul Allen and Steve Hall at Vulcan Capital, my background in email, CTO Steve Newman’s search expertise, and a team of brilliant engineers and we have quite a bit of brainpower focused on the problem space.

The new funds will be used expand the team, build out infrastructure, and continue to improve the Gist product. Launched in 2008 and initially funded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital, the company was founded by McCann, an entrepreneur and former senior employee with Microsoft’s Exchange Server Group.