‘Four 4 Canada’ Initiative Launches to Counter ‘Fair for Canada’ Campaign by Rogers, Telus, Bell

Yesterday we reported on a new campaign called “Fair for Canada” that was jointly launched by our nation’s three major telcos: Rogers, Telus, and Bell.

The campaign is aimed at getting Canadian consumers on the side of the telcos, but it has thus far had the opposite effect—customers are enraged by the campaign’s insultingly patronizing approach.

Now someone has launched a counter-campaign called “Four 4 Canada,” a play on words alluding to the fact that the government (and any sensible consumer) wants a fourth legitimate competitor to enter Canada’s wireless oligarchy, a situation that the Big Three are adamantly trying to prevent from happening.

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The brand new campaign aims to have customers share their not-so-pleasant stories about how the Big Three rip off Canadians. It’s skeletal at the moment—the official Twitter handle has a single follower, Telus—but given the fervency of backlash against Fair for Canada, could pick up steam.