Billions Here, Billions There: Four Big Numbers from Apple’s Latest Earnings Report

Yesterday Apple reported its quarterly earnings.

Driven by sales of more than 61 million iPhones, Apple generated $58 billion in revenue for its second fiscal quarter of 2015.

Revenue was up more than $10 billion from the year-go quarter, and iPhone sales were the strongest ever for a non-launch quarter.

Below are four big numbers related to Apple’s quarter.

1. $4.8 billion.

That’s how much revenue Apple generated per week during its last fiscal quarter—approximately the net market value of BlackBerry.

2. $11 billion (divided by two).

That’s how much revenue Apple generated from iMacs and iPads combined—the interesting part is that it’s an almost even split between Mac and iPad. Mac sales have been slightly stronger than expected, while iPad sales have been slightly weaker than expected, leading them to even out, well, unexpectedly.

3. $194 billion.

That’s how much cash Apple now has on hand, despite returing tens of billions of dollars to shareholders. That’s the value of nearly six Twitters or LinkedIns, or more than half the total value of Google or Microsoft—in cold, hard cash alone.

4. $775 billion.

That’s how much Apple is valued at today. It’s the most valuable company in the world and, if growth continues, could be the first company ever to reach a trillion-dollar valuation.