Foursquare arrives in Vancouver

Foursquare, an online game and friend locator for mobile devices that has taken mobile devices in the US by storm, is headed for Vancouver. 

Foursquare “checks in” at the locations you arrive at with your phone’s built-in GPS, and if you frequent them long enough, you can become the “mayor” of that particular area. Users can also earn badges based on things like checking into multiple venues in a month or even in a night. 

No launch date has been announced, but Vancouver social media mavens such as 6S Marketing‘s Chris Breikks have been assured by the service that it’s coming soon. November has also been floated as the date Foursquare arrives in Toronto. The company apparently still needs to find a data partner in Canada, but barring that, Canadians may soon find yet another reason to stare into their iPhones in public rather than talk to one another.