Foursquare inks plethora of major deals

Foursquare, the popular location-based social network, has just signed big-time deals with several major media companies.

Foursquare has previously formed successful partnerships with Canadian companies – mostly notably Metro Canada, the free daily, and Translink, B.C.’s public transportation authority.

The groundbreaking partnership that Foursquare formed with Metro in January was described as a “revolutionary idea.” People who followed Metro on Foursquare were then able to receive special online content based on their exact location – for example, accessing a restaurant review when they checked in nearby.

“Metro has always offered readers the right information at the right time and place, and Foursquare lets us take that to the next level,” said Jodi Brown, Marketing and Interactive Director for Metro. “We’re now highlighting specific articles at the exact time and place that they’re most useful, which is in some ways a revolutionary idea.”

The deal with Translink was similar, and timed to take advantage of the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver. Foursquare developed a special Translink “badge,” which was awarded to Foursquare users who checked in to a Translink location 10 times.

“We’re excited to partner with Foursquare,” said TransLink online communications advisor Jhenifer Pabillano.  “We’ve been advising people that there could be longer-than-usual waits for buses or trains during Games Time, and this is a great way for our customers to have a little fun even during those waits.  Foursquare makes it easy for Olympic visitors and current residents to discover new places connected to transit; just start up Foursquare and see what others have recommended near your transit stop.”

On the heels of its Canadian deals, Foursquare has trailblazed past any doubters, with major US company partnerships. Foursquare is now partnered with the Today Show, Zagat, Warner Bros., and HBO, as well as ChicagoPage.