Foursquare launches in Montreal and Toronto

Foursquare announced today on their blog that they have added another round of cities to their service. This time around they’ve added 15 including two more in Canada to join Vancouver – Montreal and Toronto. This brings the total to 38.

Which makes it a great time to reiterate Michael Yurechko’s 6 Tips For Foursqaure Virgins.

1. Don’t check-in from your house

Seems obvious yet people have already started doing it. The main reason you shouldn’t do this, other than the stalker factor, is that it pollutes the venue list. Lets keep the venues to places other people can easily visit.

2. Shut off Twitter/Facebook notifications

Nothing is more annoying than getting dozens of updates on twitter on top of the Foursquare updates that are already being pushed to your phone. In the iPhone version of the Foursquare app you have the option to tweet only single events, on an event by event basis – try to keep the twitter spam to a minimum.

3. Don’t friend everyone

This is just a recommendation, but, unlike Twitter, when you friend someone on Foursquare they have access to your cellphone number. When you sign up you need to associate a number with your account – this number is shared with anyone you friend.

4. Search before adding a new venue

Vancouver is the first city to launch with foursquare without a pre-populated list of venues, instead we have to manually add listings as we go. Before adding a new place do a quick search. If you encounter duplicate entries, report them, and if information for a listing isn’t correct, edit it. Every Vancouver user has SuperUser – Level 1 status which allows for editing/adding venues.

5. Be specific

When adding a listing be sure to specify exactly which one you’re at. This is a problem with chain restaurants and coffee shops. Be sure to specify you’re at Blenz Yaletown or Blenz Main. If you come across these generic listings be sure to login and edit them for the rest of us.

6. Don’t check-in somewhere if you’re not physically there

Don’t check in at work to prove to your boss that you’re in the office if you’re actually laying in bed in east van. Believe me, I’ve tried.. doesn’t work out well.