Free iPhones, no contracts, no strings attached. Techvibes has one last deal for you!

Throughout February, Best Buy Canada is running a promotion called Free Phone Fridays. Each Friday, for one day only, there is one phone per wireless carrier. This phone is free with a 3-year contract activation. Not a bad deal.

But Techvibes has connected with Best Buy to offer our own spin on Free Phone Fridays – one phone model, but no contract. That’s right. Choose any compatible carrier you want for a contract, swap the phone with your current phone under the same contract, or gift it to a friend or family member!

Today we’re offering an Apple iPhone 3GS – two of them, in fact. Valued at $300 apiece, I don’t need to describe the iPhone 3GS in detail. You’ve all seen one.

Entering to win this free smartphone is a simple three-step process.

1. Comment below,

2. Tweet this article;

3. Follow @Techvibes on Twitter.

Note: Please use your real email when commenting so we may contact you (don’t worry, emails are kept private). And please include your Twitter handle so we can identify you. And if you don’t have a Twitter account… what are you thinking?! Just kidding. “Like” this post or share it on Facebook and we’ll let you enter… this time!

This contest is open for 24 hours, until Midnight (February 25th) Pacific Standard Time.

Winners will be announced over the weekend by random draw.

PS. Our LG Shine Plus giveaway elicited 170 entries and our BlackBerry Bold giveway pulled in 285 entries, so let’s see what an iPhone can do!