Free rent at the Canadian Technology Accelerator in Silicon Valley

Vancouver’s Bootup Entrepreneurial Society is down in Sunnyvale, California this week at the Plug and Play Tech Center along with eight local startups that are pitching VCs and Angels.

Did you know that you could call the Plug and Play Tech Center home for three months for free?

Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service has established a Canadian Technology Accelerator within the Plug and Play Tech Center providing free services and access to Silicon Valley for Canadian startups. The incubator is open to a limited number of qualified companies AND rent at the facility is fully paid for by the Canadian Consulate for up to three months.

Ideal candidates are startups with a potential for accelerated growth that wish to create a footprint in the Silicon Valley. In particular:

  • Companies who have raised or are seeking to raise funds from Silicon Valley based venture capital as well as those looking for follow-up investments
  • Companies who have established one or more strategic partnerships with local firms and need to establish a stronger presence in the Bay Area
  • Companies considering setting up a local business development office to further their growth in this market

The Canadian Technology Accelerator offers space for one or two employees, for up to six companies at any time as well as an option for a ‘virtual office’. Companies are responsible for living expenses including travel and lodging.

To date a number of Vancouver startups put in a stint at the Canadian Technology Accelerator including Mobify, Dreambank,, and Optemo. If you’re interested check in with them on their experience in Silicon Valley and then contact the Canadian Consulate General in San Francisco at

Hat tip to Riz Kheraj for reminding us about this program.