Free Shipping iPhone App A Steal

With mobile shopping exploding in U.S., it’s no surprise that the founders of and have introduced a new iPhone application that allows users to find coupon codes for online shopping and make purchases off their iPhone.

The free shipping app features coupon codes for price discounts as well as free shipping deals from participating merchants. Users can search by store or category.

The app can also be used to compare deals.  Luke Knowles, the founder of says,

This app is especially convenient when you are in a store and you want to know if the price there is good, or if you can find a better deal online. The only drawback to buying something online is shipping costs, and our app gives you free shipping coupon codes so you can save even more money.

Essentially a mobile version of, the new app is sure to change the way people use coupons.  Knowles says,

The free shipping app is a perfect complement to Coupon Sherpa because the free shipping one is for online shopping and Coupon Sherpa is for in-store purchases.