Free The Children Joins Break Poverty Hackathon for Global Development

D​evs Without Borders has announced F​ree The Children’​s involvement in the​ Poverty Hackathon.​

The Hackathon, which begins November 20 in Toronto, will p​rovide an opportunity​ for 150 developers to build SMS, hardware or mobile web solutions that will improve the health, social security, education and agriculture for those living in rural and impoverished areas around the world.

Free The Children will help select the winning application to be test launched through their A​dopt a Village Program ​in rural Kenya as well as provide International Aid case studies to guide developers on the practical needs of the citizens they are trying to empower.

”Innovation is at the forefront of everything we do and we can’t wait to see how this type of technology can improve the lives of the community members we work with,” says Sarah MacIndoe, Director, International Programs, Free The Children.

Over 50 percent of the poorest people living in Africa have a mobile phone. T​his provides opportunity for developers to build practical solutions for the devices that are already in use in developing countries.

“As technologists, we tend to build tech solutions for the markets we know, but not the markets that need it most,” says Danielle Thé, founder of Devs Without Borders and its Poverty Hackathon.

Registration for Poverty Hackathon is now open.