French Language Face Off Video Goes Viral

A YouTube video capturing an angry language debate in downtown Montreal is going viral.

The video titled Angry Quebecer goes apeshit over asian people speaking English in public in Montreal shows a French-speaking couple berating a group of four men for speaking English.

The video is being shared vigoriously on social media sites and has over 85,000 views in the past 24 hours.

The video was shot by Harris Robin Kalash at 3:47am on his way home when he saw the confrontation on Sherbrooke Street. Kalash thought it was just an ordinary late-night fight but when he heard why the couple was verbally attacking the men he decided to turn on his camera.

Kalash is very surprised with the amount of interest this video has received and has added this comment to his YouTube account.

This guy is an outlier, one case out of many. We see crazy people every now and then but this guy happened to be recorded. Do not take this guy and use it as an image of a whole population. Instead of using this to separate us further as a community we should start thinking about how we can unify the anglophones and francophones in Quebec further as this is what makes this place unique.

Kalash’s video is after the jump.