FreshBooks hand-delivers invoices in Toronto during Canada Post strike

Freshbooks delivery teamThe Canada Post strike has made it difficult for businesses to get their invoices out to customers on time. If you’re a startup, this is especially challenging as you likely live from paycheck to paycheck. So, how can services that support small businesses rescue them from falling behind on their billing?

Last Friday, I was very pleasantly surprised to receive an e-mail directly from Toronto’s, a fast and simple online invoicing and time tracking service, announcing that they are offering to hand-deliver invoices for small businesses in Toronto during the Canada Post strike.

Although you could simply just e-mail the invoice via your FreshBook’s account, some businesses still prefer to receive invoices in the mail. So, their offer is definitely very helpful.

According to Saul Colt, FreshBook’s Head of Magic, “a postal interruption will never stop our customers from getting paid but we thought this was a cool and fun way to introduce FreshBooks to a new audience and be helpful at the same time.”

Colt says that “the decision to hand-deliver invoices was an easy one because it speaks to our Brand Promise. FreshBooks is all about getting you paid faster and looking more professional.” Not surprisingly, the service has been very well received by customers and social media followers on FreshBook’s Facebook and Twitter pages, and on their blog. Plus, the team has had the added bonus of getting to run around the city having fun, non-stop for a week now.

Hopefully, the strike will be over soon and all of our readers who work for small businesses will get their paychecks.