FreshBooks Web App Building workshop coming to your city?

Due to the success of FreshBook’s How to Build a Web App Business workshops and overwhelming demand to take the show on the road, they’re doing just that.

We’d just like to give a big shout out to all the folks that attended our second ever workshop on How To Build a Web App Business here at FreshBooks HQ. We had about 40 super smart FreshBooks customers and fans turn out to hear Mike share his valuable lessons and insights about how to get their own web apps started and what’s really important. Some even got a bit of a thrill from our toilet wisdom . After two back-to-back events here in Toronto we figure it’s time to take the show on the road. Which brings us to our next post…

And they’re letting they’re users and fans decide. So if you want FreshBooks to leave their homebase in Toronto and make their way to your city, let them know here.

The How to Build a Web App Business workshop is run by CEO Mike McDerment and includes topics such as Building Your Team, Marketing Your Product, the 5Ws of Fund Raising, and his journey building FreshBooks. It’s definitely targeted to budding entrepreneurs that are interested in building their own web app business.