Friday Special: Hulk Hogan Challenges Rebecca Black to a Wrestling Match for Stealing His Song

Okay, the title is mostly a lie. Mostly.

But it’s a sunny Friday so you probably shouldn’t be reading this anyway. Since you are, though, I’ll be nice and give you something to read.

So, speaking of Fridays… Hopefully you’ve heard of Rebecca Black, the infamous teen singer who dropped out of middle school because her peers constantly bullied her over the fact that she performed the worst song ever. (If not, close this window, run away, and never look back. You’re one of the few untainted!)

Well, it turns out her “hit” single Friday is a total ripoff. Her masterpiece lyrics, “Yesterday was Thursday / Today is Friday / Tomorrow is Saturday / and Sunday comes afterwards,” aren’t original at all. In fact, they’re stolen from legendary wrestler Hulk Hogan.

Simulatneously serenading a newborn child and hawking an air conditioning unit, Hulk actually sang the original version of this song way back in 2007, when Lil Becca was only 9 years old!

Indeed, Hulk chimes the lyrics, “Sunday, Monday, Tuesday / Wednesday, Thursday / Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday comes again.” Our muscular ringfighter knew the days of the week long before Mrs. Black and wasn’t afraid to list all of them either.

I suppose Rebecca’s defense will be that, upon further investigation, only one Thursday exists per week, therefore rendering Hulk’s track inaccurate, and giving ample room for Rebecca to step in and look like an all-star for setting things straight.

Or something like that.