Friday’s Mobile track at Northern Voice

Mobile is becoming, if not the dominant platform for the web and computing, then certainly a very important player, and the Northern Voice blogging conference devoted an entire track to exploration of the mobile space on Friday, covering a broad range of what’s possible and what people are doing to add to the possibilities of the humble smartphone.

The day started with Roland Tanglao giving an overview of the different phones and services available for live streaming, including Qik, Flixwagon, Kyte and the Nokia platform. The new innovation this year was the fact that a jailbroken iPhone can run Qik, though an Apple-sanctioned app has yet to emerge.

The bulk of the day was devoted to Fearless City’s efforts to bring mobile technology to Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, including the work of mobile videographer and photographer April Smith. Though the panels had a tendency to slide into “old media” bashing and blogtopianism, they did point to the tumbling cost of production that gives voice to those who haven’t had any say in the world of traditional media.

The final two sessions were overviews from Nitobi staffers on Phonegap, which allows coders to create apps across different mobile platforms, and an overview of Google’s Android platform.