Frind gets Serious about a Paid Model

PlentyofFish’s Markus Frind announced last week plans to add a pay option aimed at customers who want to show that they’re “serious” about meeting someone.

According to Frind’s blog, PlentyofFish will sell “Serious Member” badges that will appear on members’ pages for three, six or 12 months. Serious members will be marked as such in search results, and their messages to prospective partners will be highlighted. I’ll let him explain:

  1. On paid dating sites most buys are impulse and in the signup process.    Paid sites monetize on Impulse,  plentyoffish is going to monetize on user intent.   I believe we will have far more members that are serious than paid sites.   Its one thing to be tricked into paying (paid sites),  its another to go out of your way and pay for something.
  2. There will be no addtional features and funcationality for users,  this upgrade will be strictly to signal intent to the community.
  3. There will be no changes to existing users or new users.   The site will continue to work as it always has,  except some members can now choose to stand out more.

Good idea or bad idea for Vancouver’s Godfather of Google Adense and Free Dating?