From Portfolio to Passion

As a writer, Jane Flanagan uses her portfolio website to showcase her work as a journalist and blogger and it provides easy links to biographical and professional information. With both online and printed media publications on her resume, a web presence allows her to archive her writing independent of the publications she works for in a single online portfolio.

I am passionate about online media and my dot-ca website allows me to reach an entirely new community and to inject more of my own personality into my work as a collected whole. My blog allows me to share details of my life and shopping exploits with friends near and far and I’ve found all kinds of web-users having read my columns and contacted me through my website.

What’s next for Flanagan? She’s got a couple of new online projects coming down the pipe. And, of course, she’ll continue writing for her growing audience and forging strong working relationships with key industry connections… thanks to her website.

This profile is part of CIRA’s Tell us Your Dot-ca Story contest which asked entrants to describe how they use their dot-ca domain name. More than 4,000 entries were submitted by dot-ca domain name Registrants across Canada and Jane Flanagan was one of the winners.