From Silicon Valley: Calgary’s Mobizou reflects on their 48 Hours

As part of Techvibes’ intensive pre-event coverage of 48 Hours in the Valley, we profiled several of the Canadian start-ups attending the event. With the event over, these start-ups reflect on their two days in Silicon, and what’s next for them. Second up: Mobizou, hailing from Calgary, Alberta.

Staff blogger Knowlton Thomas speaks with Arpad Barabas, Founder and CEO of Mobizou.

KT: Was this your first time in the Valley, Arpad?

AB This was the first Silicon Valley experience for me, one that I was looking forward to after having received the invite to attend the event.

KT: Describe your favourite part of the event.

AB The Expo and the Plug and Play Centre were really great. I made a lot of contacts, got great feedback and had the opportunity to really refine my 30-second pitch during the day. By the end of the day, my pitch was a lot more polished than it has ever been. We also had the chance to sit down with investors who provided amazing feedback for us—something we never got back home.

I also have to say that what was most valuable to us were the relationships built, and ideas shared, among the Canadian entrepreneurs who attended with us. We got a lot of great ideas as how to push Mobizou forward by talking with the other founders throughout.

KT: How was the environment?

AB The camaraderie amongst the entrepreneurs attending was really great. People kicked it off really well. I also have to hand it to our hosts, the C100, and the Canadian consulate. This was the first time that an event like this has been done. There was lots of opportunity to network and to establish relationships among the participating C100 members, the consulate and entrepreneurs both attending the event, and those from the Valley who came to the social networking meet ups.

KT: Will your experiences at the event better your business?

AB If or when we need serious investment down the road, this trip has opened doors for us. Having access to the network that exists in the Valley is really empowering to a startup. Having met so many people down there and having received great feedback and advice, it has further helped us to really focus the company knowing exactly what investors are looking for.

KT: What’s going on now that 48 Hours is over?

AB In the meantime, we’ll be implementing a number of the ideas shared by the C100 mentors and other entrepreneurs. So, it’s still business as usual, but with adjustments along the way.

KT: Anything else you’d like to say?

AB While we met a number of investors down in the Valley, Mobizou will still be looking more locally in Alberta and B.C. for investors as we look to close a seed round. For anyone looking to invest in the mobile space, please feel free to drop me a line.

KT: Thanks for your time, Arpad, we appreciate it. Best of luck.