Fundfindr: Like CBC’s Dragons Den, 24/7

Following up on Basil’s post about Funding Your Startup, now is probably a good time to mention Fundfindr. This enterprising Web 2.0 start-up out of Vancouver touts itself as speed-dating for entrepreneurs. The concept is simple: a video-sharing site for entrepreneurs to lay out a brief pitch to investors, and for investors with capital burning holes in their pockets to find that next big thing.

For those still just getting their feet wet in business or investing, there are snacks — short video tutorials on everything from how to pitch investors to how to deal with the potentially intimidating areas of PR, finance and human resources. At the very least, they’re a good way to whet your appetite for the business world when the complexity of starting up something can be enough to put off people from chasing their entrepreneurial dreams. For those (like yours truly) who couldn’t be bothered to take a business course at school yet through sheer chutzpah see themselves to be budding business-types, the snacks are awfully tasty.

Actually, there’s still time (until May 30) for local New Venture BC companies to send in their pitch and win a weekend in Whistler as a prize for the Pitchies Warmup, if you needed any extra incentive to ask the moneyed classes for their support for your worthwhile initiatives.

If angel investors aren’t so easy to find (at least according to Basil in his excellent post on the subject), it’s nice to have a website that helps the make the search process that much easier. Happy hunting, people.