The Funding Portal Expands to US Market

Canadian businesses with U.S. operations or planning to expand south of the border now have a new tool to search and apply for more than $180 billion in annual business incentives programs provided by the federal and state governments.

The Funding Portal, a Canadian-born service that assists businesses to find and apply for government funding, announced today that it has launched The Funding Portal U.S., and is now serving both American and Canadian business markets.

“We are pleased to be the first and only company or organization to have aggregated the world’s largest source of government incentives, which we have sized at more than 4,000 federal and state programs disbursing more than $180 billion U.S. per year,” said Teri Kirk, CEO of The Funding Portal.

According to the Portal’s estimates, U.S. governments at the state and federal level awarded $180 billion in funding in 2014, while governments in Canada at the federal and provincial level awarded $14.4 billion in publicly disclosed funding to businesses during the same period.

“Canadian corporations with state-side operations or plans, and a rapidly developing U.S.-based client market, is finding our unique database of funding sources invaluable in understanding where to position their operations to take maximum advantage of these billions in state-based and federal incentives,” said Kirk.